Paddy Kingsland - The Effects Machine

  • Performer: Paddy Kingsland
  • Album: The Effects Machine
  • Size: 1389 mb
  • Label: KPM Music ‎– KPM 1365
    Type: Vinyl, LP
    Country: UK
    Date of released: 1986
    Category: Electronic, Non-Music, Stage & Screen
    Style: Special Effects
Paddy Kingsland - The Effects Machine

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A1 Reveal (a)
A2 Reveal (b)
A3 Micropower (a)
A4 Micropower (b)
A5 Corporation
A6 Headquarters (a)
A7 Headquarters (b)
A8 Laser Shot
A9 Standing Tall
A10 News Extra (a)
A11 News Extra (b)
A12 First Report
A13 Channel One (a)
A14 Channel One (b)
A15 Channel Two
A16 Premier (a)
A17 Premier (b)
A18 Early Bulletin
A19 The Torch
A20 Spectrum (a)
A21 Spectrum (b)
A22 Mists And Sands
A23 Pipe And Slippers
A24 Jay Walker
A25 Macho
A26 Final Reductions
A27 Futures
A28 Microsystems (a)
A29 Microsystems (b)
A30 Aquarium
A31 Heat Shimmer
A32 Step By Step
A33 Pulsebeat
A34 Aerodrone
A35 Machine Hum
A36 Heart Pulse
A37 Suspended In Time
A38 Computer Talk
A39 Cosmic Wind (a)
A40 Cosmic Wind (b)
A41 Chopper
A42 Diffusion And Diffraction
A43 Invaders (a)
A44 Invaders (b)
A45 Explosions (a)
A46 Explosions (b)
A47 Explosions (c)
A48 Explosions (d)
A49 Explosions (e)
A50 Explosions (f)
A51 Explosions (g)
B1 Lasers And Zaps (a)
B2 Lasers And Zaps (b)
B3 Lasers And Zaps (c)
B4 Lasers And Zaps (d)
B5 Lasers And Zaps (e)
B6 Lasers And Zaps (f)
B7 Lasers And Zaps (g)
B8 Lasers And Zaps (h)
B9 Lasers And Zaps (i)
B10 Lasers And Zaps (j)
B11 Spacecraft (a)
B12 Spacecraft (b)
B13 Spacecraft (c)
B14 Spacecraft (d)
B15 Spacecraft (e)
B16 Spacecraft (f)
B17 Spacecraft Door (a)
B18 Spacecraft Door (b)
B19 Spacecraft Door (c)
B20 Spacecraft Door (d)
B21 Spacecraft Door (e)
B22 Spacecraft Door (f)
B23 Spacecraft Door (g)
B24 Electronic Alarms (a)
B25 Electronic Alarms (b)
B26 Electronic Alarms (c)
B27 Electronic Alarms (d)
B28 Electronic Alarms (e)
B29 Electronic Alarms (f)
B30 Electronic Alarms (g)
B31 Electrical (a)
B32 Electrical (b)
B33 Electrical (c)
B34 Electrical (d)
B35 Electrical (e)
B36 Electrical (f)
B37 Electrical (g)
B38 Electrical (h)
B39 The Laboratory (a)
B40 The Laboratory (b)
B41 The Laboratory (c)
B42 The Laboratory (d)
B43 The Laboratory (e)
B44 Computer Graphics (a)
B45 Computer Graphics (b)
B46 Computer Graphics (c)
B47 Computer Graphics (d)
B48 Computer Graphics (e)
B49 Computer Graphics (f)
B50 Computer Graphics (g)
B51 Computer Graphics (h)
B52 Computer Graphics (i)
B53 Computer Graphics (j)
B54 Computer Graphics (k)
B55 Computer Graphics (l)
B56 Computer Graphics (m)
B57 Computer Graphics (n)
B58 Computer Graphics (o)
B59 Computer Graphics (p)
B60 Computer Graphics (q)
B61 Computer Graphics (r)
B62 Computer Graphics (s)
B63 Computer Graphics (t)
B64 Computer Graphics (u)
B65 Computer Graphics (v)
B66 Computer Graphics (w)
B67 Computer Graphics (x)
B68 Punctuations (a)
B69 Punctuations (b)
B70 Punctuations (c)
B71 Punctuations (d)
B72 Punctuations (e)
B73 Punctuations (f)
B74 Punctuations (g)
B75 Punctuations (h)
B76 Punctuations (i)
B77 Punctuations (j)
B78 Comedy Stings (a)
B79 Comedy Stings (b)
B80 Comedy Stings (c)
B81 Comedy Stings (d)
B82 Comedy Stings (e)
B83 Comedy Stings (f)
B84 Comedy Stings (g)
B85 Comedy Stings (h)
B86 Comedy Stings (i)
B87 Comedy Stings (j)


  • Composed By – Paddy Kingsland